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Water Standard and its produced water subsidiary, Monarch Separators plan to bring their extensive experience and recent test findings to the Produced Water Society Seminar in Sugarland, TX on February 5-7, 2019. The companies are at the forefront of supplying cost-effective separation technologies to combat the flood of produced and flowback water that operators are dealing with. Their vision is to bring the produced water treatment industry together and educate operators on the powerful solutions available to reuse their water in operations and even treat it for safe surface discharge. Not only does this approach benefit the operator, it’s a huge step in environmental consciousness. Lisa Henthorne and Robert “Buddy” Boysen will each facilitate a break out session of the PWS Workshop Training held on Tuesday, Feb 5. This comprehensive overview of water management in the U.S. upstream onshore sector will provide real-world training that analyzes and explains field equipment in terms of water location, volumes, chemistry, and engineering principals. Buddy will focus on Jar Testing while Lisa furthers the discussion to include costing. It’s a must-attend workshop for anyone hoping to improve their upstream marketability. As the conference continues, Buddy will expand his Jar Testing insight is Session 2 – Reuse & Disposal. His presentation will be Wednesday at 1:00 pm and he will delve deeper into recent findings from Water Standard and Monarch Separators’ extensive testing in the Permian, DJ and Powder River basins. Buddy will focus on the chemical pretreatment scheme and variability in chemical pretreatment performance that was observed among the different test locations. His knowledge and experiences in produced water testing will be invaluable! Last but not least, on Thursday, at 1:00 pm, Valentina Llano from Monarch Separators, will chair Session 6 – Thermal Issues in Produced Water. The session will explore produced water thermal distillation and reducing produced water costs. We hope to see you at the conference!

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