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Absolute Cartridge Filtration

Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery

Membrane Deaeration (MDA®)

MDA Torrnado

Membrane Filtration

Low Salinity EOR

Sulphate Removal

Ultrapure Water


Monarch API 421 POD

Corrugated Plate Interceptor (CPI)


Monarch Flow Halo Flotation

H2O Floc

H2O Spectrum® Platform

Monarch Micro-Float

Monarch Mobile Treatment

Case Studies

Membrane Deaeration vs. Conventional Vacuum Tower

System Operations Optimization, GoM Water Injection Platform


Harmful Algae Blooms and Desalination: An Algae Cell’s Journey from Sea to SWRO; IDA World Congress

Development and Piloting of High Flux Thin Film Nanocomposite RO Membranes for Oil and Gas Applications; IDA World Congress

State of the Art RO Desalination Pretreatment; Desalination Journal

Tackle Offshore PW Challenges in EOR; Oil and Gas Facilities

Bridging Water Treatment Technologies with EOR Applications; European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery

OTC 4199-MS Water Management for EOR Applications – Sourcing, Treating, Reuse and Recycle; SPE Offshore Technology Conference

SPE-174532-MS Offshore IOR/EOR Implementation Through Weight and Footprint  Reduction; SPE PW handling and Management Symposium

SPE-165241 Developing and Piloting Water Treatment Technologies to Address Offshore EOR Challenges; SPE Enhanced Oil Recovery Conference

SPE 174935 Offshore Membrane Deaeration as a Replacement for Vacuum Tower; SPE Annual Technical Conference

SPE 169165-MS Impact of Water softening on Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Project Economics; SPE Improved Oil Recovery Symposium