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We are an extremely passionate company dedicated to safely & economically changing the industry’s use of water.
Maybe that sounds crazy, but we have amassed a team capable of making it happen.

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We are a collaborative team made up of diverse and energetic professionals working diligently on the water challenges our domestic & international clients face.

Our mission

We help your business find the best, most cost-effective water treatment solution to utilize your water and waste water in ways you never thought possible. From capital purchase of equipment, leasing or rental options, to ready to deploy pilot systems.

Our History

Like the world’s water, Water Standard has evolved over the years. We are pleased to serve the diverse domestic and international energy industry.
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Water Standard is founded by an inventor out of Florida.
Patent portfolio begins to emerge.

Patent portfolio begins to emerge.

Amanda Brock is brought on board as CEO (Focus: Municipal).
The 2007 Hoval Water Awards honors Water Standard technology, which the judges call “an important new direction in the evolution of desalination.”
Private equity funding commitment of up to $250MM is made to pursue global Seawater Desalintion Vessel (SDV).
Water Standard’s processes are featured in “Big Ideas for a Small Planet” which is produced and aired by the Sundance Channel.
Lisa Henthorne, President of the IDA, joins the Water Standard team as Chief Technology Officer.
2008 Global Financial Crisis – New and planned municipal and industrial desalination projects worldwide are delayed or canceled due to financial crisis.
SDV engineering design optimized for O&G operations.
Intense development activities for offshore oil and gas sector begin with focus on Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).
Water Standard receives the “Desalination Deal of the Year” award presented by Al Gore. “Redifining an Industry”
International Desalination Association (IDA) World Congress in Dubai is led by Chief Technology Officer, Lisa Henthorne.
Water Standard expands focus to address water challenges within oil and gas industry, succesfully penetrates offshore market and increases focus to onshore water treatment.
Company receives ISO 9001:2008 certification (later receiving recertification of ISO 9001:2015).
Water Standard aquires Monarch Separators to expand its produced water treatment and fabrication capabilities.

Socially Responsible

Coupled with our mission to find the best water solution & utilize water in unique ways, Water Standard believes in being socially responsible. Our people are proud to support local nonprofit organizations as well as those working in the water industry and addressing water shortages to make a difference.

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