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Water Treatment in the Permian and Beyond

Duane Devall and Buddy Boysen stop in Midland, TX to chat with Krista Escamilla about the past, present and future of water treatment for disposal, reuse and surface discharge in the oil and gas industry. On this episode of the Permian Perspective podcast, they cover the many aspects of water treatment, including but not limited to the issues with produced / flowback water treatment that Operators, especially in the Permian, are facing. Listen now and then check out our Shale Water Treatment page for solutions that help turn your waste stream into a value stream.

Water Treatment Topics Covered:

  • Keeping a water balance – waste vs. value
  • Water treatment for disposal, reuse and safe discharge
  • Future of water treatment
  • Variability in water quality and regulations
  • Economics of water treatment
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and advanced water treatment with membranes
  • Recent experiences with produced/flowback water in the Permian and beyond

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