Shale Water Treatment

Safe & Economic for Reuse & Discharge

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for SWD disposal

H2O Floc

Salt Water disposal bottlenecks are a BIG problem. Left untreated, impurities typically found in fracking flowback and produced water are damaging SWD down hole well storage.

With state and federal regulations lowering the down hole pressure specifications, SWD operators will soon feel the financial and performance limitations caused by these regulations.

As part of our H2O Spectrum® platform, this is where H2O Floc can help.

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water reuse applications

H2O Spectrum® -Lite

Growth in the energy sector, especially in exploration and production, is now requiring energy companies to find alternatives to fresh water for use in their operations.

With the ratio of water to oil ranging from 3:1 to 11:1, a readily available alternative resource is flowback and produced water.

As part of a our H2O Spectrum® platform, Water Standard is helping energy companies lower operating costs by safely and economically treating their flowback and produced water using our most compact and modular H2O Spectrum® -Lite.

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Shale Water H2ospectrum Lite

for water discharge

H2O Spectrum® +Plus

The technology is now available to allow energy companies to safely & economically discharge their pre-treated produced and flowback water into rivers and streams through our H2O Spectrum® +Plus technology. This is a real opportunity for all stakeholders to benefit from the resulting economies of scale.

To maximize this opportunity, Water Standard’s H2O Spectrum® platform is a field tested, turnkey water treatment system allowing operators to effectively treat their produced water and wastewater safely and economically to reuse or discharge standards.

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