Produced and flowback water before and after treatment

Water Standard and Monarch Separators are pleased to be highlighted in E&P Magazine’s Shale Water Technology Showcase.

In this special section of the July issue, E&P highlights some of the latest products and technologies for shale and looks at how they will benefit companies in their ongoing search for improved production and more effective operating techniques.

Water Standard – H2O Spectrum®  Platform

Long-Term Water Treatment Solutions Designed to Enable Reuse or Surface Discharge

Water Standard is helping energy companies lower operating costs by safely and economically treating their produced and flowback water.  Water Standard has developed their compact and modular H2O Spectrum® platform after successfully executing demonstration programs in the Permian, DJ and Powder River basins for treatment of produced and flowback water where cost and operability were key drivers. The H2O Spectrum® platform offers the ability to treat water for reuse and recycle, or advanced treatment for safe surface discharge back into the water cycle, demonstrating the stewardship of this water as our most valuable resource.  The general constituents targeted for removal in reuse applications include oil and grease, suspended solids, bacteria and iron, while treatment for surface discharge extends to the removal of salt, ammonia, and dissolved organics.

Monarch Separators’ H2O Floc™

Green Flocculant Demonstrates Stewardship of Water as a Resource Through Cost-Effective Water Recycling

Monarch Separators’ green flocculant, H2O Floc™ , is used to reduce the environmental impact of oil and gas operations through cost-effective produced and flowback water recycling, while improving oil recovery. This green alginate flocculant’s primary treatment objectives are removal of oil and grease and total suspended solids, and when used in conjunction with an oxidant, metals, H2S and bacteria.  Through multiple pilot scale produced and flowback water treatment tests in the Permian, DJ and Powder River Basins, H2O Floc™ chemistry was able to reduce turbidities from greater than 650 NTU to 1 NTU and oil removal to less than 2 mg/L, and iron and manganese to less than 1 mg/L, while being dosed at a much lower rate than current market flocculants.

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