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Water Standard and its produced water subsidiary are pleased to announce Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Lisa Henthorne, has been elected President of the Produced Water Society (PWS).

PWS is a collection of oil and gas professionals with the common mission to study and improve the management of produced water from offshore and onshore wells. The organization provides opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing through membership, conferences, workshops and partner events.

Here at Water Standard, we are extremely proud of Lisa’s incredible achievement. It is another shining example of the continued development of our biggest asset, our team. Not only does our company promote the advancement of water treatment technologies but we feel it is equally important to build a team strong enough to use these advancements to make a difference. We will not slow down until we help the global energy industry uncover the true value of water and find the best solution to treat it for reuse or ultimately, safe discharge back into the water cycle.

Please read the official press release below:

Lisa Henthorne, Chief Technology Officer at Water Standard and Monarch Separators, Elected as President of the Produced Water Society

For Immediate Release

Houston, TX | June 26, 2019

Water Standard and its produced water subsidiary, Monarch Separators, are pleased to announce the election of Ms. Lisa Henthorne, Sr. Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, to the prestigious position of President of the Produced Water Society (PWS).

PWS was founded almost 30 years ago and consists of a dedicated society of oil and gas professionals who share produced water management knowledge and solutions and collaborate to solve produced water challenges in both conventional and unconventional plays. PWS and Water Standard / Monarch Separators share the same vision of improving the management and disposal of produced water to create a more sustainable future for our earth’s water supply.

Ms. Henthorne’s extensive work developing innovative produced water reuse and safe discharge solutions, along with her diverse personal, professional, and educational experience, adds an important global understanding and management approach to facilitate the growth of PWS and to raise awareness of the value of water to the oil and gas industry. Her history in water treatment and technology is multifaceted. Prior to being elected President of PWS, Ms. Henthorne served on their board for 4 years, contributing to the growth in technical programs and member services.  In addition, she currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of H2O Innovation and acted as President of the International Desalination Association from 2007-2009 and sat on their Board of Directors for 16 years. She holds four U.S. patents and multiple foreign patents in water treatment technology.

Ms. Henthorne’s role at Water Standard / Monarch Separators will be enriched by her involvement in PWS as the companies’ belief in knowledge sharing and collaboration has already brought about some exciting advancements in produced / flowback water treatment solutions. Ms. Henthorne states, “I’m very excited to be part of the PWS team this year as we endeavor to further the exchange of ideas and technical knowledge regarding produced water management, to facilitate conversations on the increasing value of water to our industry, and to support the produced water community in these very exciting times.”

About Water Standard and Monarch Separators

Water Standard and its produced water subsidiary Monarch Separators have an extremely passionate and diverse team dedicated to safely and economically changing the energy industry’s use of water. The company specializes in shale, produced and flowback water treatment, enhanced / improved oil recovery, and advanced water treatment with membranes. With additional service and manufacturing capabilities, the company is the global leader in providing the best, most cost-effective water treatment solution for the energy industry to utilize water and waste water in ways never thought possible.

About the Produced Water Society

The Produced Water Society is a collection of oil and gas professionals with the common mission to improve the management and disposition of produced water. Through the discussion of best practices and the presentation of advanced solutions to dynamic obstacles, PWS fosters an environment where water professionals learn from one another in an open setting and where the entire industry thrives as a result.

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