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How is the perception of water changing in the energy industry? What progress are operators making to ensure a sustainable future for our most precious resource, water? This week, Duane Devall, Vice President of Global Sales and Julie Bennett, Marketing Communication Specialist, speak to Justin Gauthier about how the concept of conscientious water handling is becoming a force in the energy industry. Viewing produced and flowback water as a waste stream is slowly transforming with the realization that water needs to be valued as natural resource and with the right expertise, can become a revenue stream for the operators.

One example involves the increased demand for water, especially in fracking operations. The magnitude of water required makes disposal of this waste water into SWDs less of a sustainable solution. There are not enough disposal wells to handle the amount of water being produced and once the water is injected into the SWD, it’s permanently removed from the environment. Therefore, water reuse, recycling and ultimately, safe discharge back to the water cycle is the direction water treatment and water handling is headed. Water Standard and Monarch Separators are helping operators rethink their use of water to bring additional value to their projects and maintain a sustainable future.

Click here to listen to Justin, Duane and Julie on this week’s OGGN Onshore Oil & Gas podcast.

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