Our Culture

At Monarch, our values are as rich and diverse as our cultural make-up. We are passionate about the water projects we work on. We cultivate positivity in our interactions with people. We strive to improve each and every day. We believe in the power of clarity. We are grateful for our customers, our suppliers, our families, and the ever-changing energy industry that supports our mission.

Monarch Staff

Our History

Monarch has grown to serve a diverse domestic and international customer base, offering a range of proven water treatment products across the energy industry. Here is a snapshot of Monarch’s development over the past four decades.

Monarch Separators (Monarch) is founded.
Monarch pioneers the CPI Separator Technology in the Gulf of Mexico.
Monarch expands into international market with a Middle East-based focus.
Monarch expands into domestic onshore downstream energy markets.
Monarch launches its Hybrid Vertical Integration strategy for engineering and manufacturing.
Monarch expands into North American (USA & Canadian) unconventional water treatment markets.
Monarch pioneers the MicroFloat™ Flotation Technology in the North American (USA & Canadian) unconventional water treatment markets.
Monarch expands product portfolio to include more advanced water designs and technologies.
Monarch expands business approach into strategic global joint ventures.
Acquistion of Monarch Separators by Water Standard


As a result of our unique organization, Monarch recognizes the benefit of flexibility when it comes to where manufacturing of products and systems take place in the world. Monarch is able to manufacture at our factory in Houston, Texas or in the country where the project is located. A real advantage whether you are home or away.

Water Standard
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