The products below are designed to recover the oil in your water process.
Field-proven designs. Robust and ready for long term service.
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api separator

API Separator

Powerfully simple oil water separator

Gravity separator designed to remove larger volumes of free oil from water.

How it Works

Uses differential specific gravity between oil (lower weight) and water (heavier weight) to naturally separate the two using gravity. Various design options allow for natural or automation of operational processes.



CPI Separator

Pioneering oil water separator technology

Enhanced gravity separator designed to remove free and dispersed oil from water.

How it Works

The core technology is the internal Corrugated Plate Interceptor (CPI) Pack. The CPI Pack is designed based on the design inputs of Stokes Law to achieve ultimate oil from water separation performance in atmospheric applications.


water standard product 3

SCPI Separator

Pressurized oil water separator technology

Compact and pressurized gravity separator for onshore and offshore applications.

How it Works

The Side-Flow Corrugated Plate Interceptor (SCPI) is our most compact technology. The SCPI Pack is also designed using Stokes Law to achieve ultimate oil from water separation performance in pressurized applications.


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