The turnkey packages below are designed to recover oil, remove solids and other targeted impurities in your water process.
These are high-quality, field-proven systems that we design, build, deliver and commission.
We offer standard mobile or fixed designs with manual, semi-automated and fully-automated options.

Produced Water Treatment H2O Floc

H2O Spectrum® with H2O Floc ™

Water Treatment Reuse

Our standard chemical/physical systems designed for water reuse applications.

How it Works

We specifically target and precipitate harmful metals with oxidants, offer various technologies for complete bacteria kill, incorporate advanced oil polishing with our proprietary H2O Floc™, and more.


Produced Water Treatment-Mobile H2O Spectrum Lite

H2O Spectrum ® -Lite

Mobile Water Treatment

Our compact mobile water treatment systems to treat near a well site or move from site to site to reduce costs.

How it Works

For the ultimate flexibility, we design, build, and deliver mobile produced water, flowback and wastewater systems scalable to a wide range of capacities and water treatment needs.


Produced Water Treatment H2O-Spectrum Plus

H2O Spectrum ® +Plus

Water Treatment Reuse & Discharge

Our most complete turnkey treatment systems designed for flowback & produced water reuse and discharge applications.

How it Works

For advanced treatment, our complete systems may include enhanced frac tanks for bulk separation, flotation and filtration for small particles, and a portfolio of chemical treatment technologies for biological control, oxidation, coagulation, and flocculation. Desalination included when needed.


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