Miles Romm

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, my role is to manage the infrastructure of the Company to provide the most effective framework for the business development, technology and execution teams to bring our vision of optimal water management to the world.

I enjoy working collaboratively to find effective and innovative ways to provide that support.  I am driven to create platforms that enable our Employees, our Company, and our Clients to achieve success.

Prior to joining Water Standard, I was involved in the analysis and reporting of financial activities in large corporations, including Delta Air Lines. At Delta, I held roles in Corporate and Divisional Finance as well as Treasury, which transitioned well into the role of Chief Financial Officer.

I like experiencing the physical scale and complexity of products while seeing the tangible impact they have in the world…whether it’s 30,000 ft. above the earth, in deep waters, or in production basins throughout the United States.

I am inspired when I come to work and see the accomplishments of a team all working hard with each other and for each other.

When I am not at Water Standard you will find me out at a park or on a field coaching my boys' soccer or baseballs teams.

Credentials: Miles holds his Master of Business Administration from Goizueta Business School, Emory University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and History from Duke University.

Miles Romm
Water Standard
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