Lisa Henthorne

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

As Sr. Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, my role is to lead the company in advancing our water treatment technologies to better care for our earth's greatest resource. We understand that cost is often a key driver for water management, so my team and I diligently look for better, faster, more economical water treatment solutions.

My passion for leaving the earth a better place is what landed me in the water treatment sector over thirty years ago and I now proudly sit in a role that makes a difference.

Starting at Chevron, I focused on waterfloods and produced water treatment in the U.S. and spent much of my subsequent career on projects around the world, specializing in desalination for the municipal water industry.

Upon joining Water Standard ten years ago, my initial work was in developing customized water chemistries to enhance oil recovery in low salinity and chemical enhanced oil recovery schemes. Over time, my focus expanded to include innovative produced water reuse opportunities and safe discharge back into the water cycle.

Credentials: Lisa is currently the president of the Produced Water Society and holds multiple U.S. and international patents in water treatment. She was ranked #5 out of 25 of the Global Water Industry’s High Fliers in Water World magazine. Lisa holds her Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines and a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Missouri State University.

Lisa Henthorne
Water Standard
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