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Sulphate Removal Packages

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Delivering a consistent water specification throughout the life of a waterflood is essential. Our field-experienced engineers and operators first diagnose the inlet water chemistry.

From there, it’s all about your treatment goals, including economic analysis (i.e. is this worth pursuing?) and best practices for sulphate removal treatment in your specific application.

sulphate removal srp
sulphate removal packages

How it Works

Sulphate Removal Packages

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Water Standard’s SRP package consists of a turnkey, best of class Nanofiltration (NF) system coupled with a properly engineered pre-treatment system, to maximize membrane life and minimize cleaning costs, followed by our Membrane Deaeration (MDA®) to remove dissolved oxygen while reducing overall system footprint.

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Sulphate Removal Packages

Water Standard’s SRP Packages eliminate sulphate scaling and souring, prevent costly corrosion, and help reduce workovers/acidizing frequency. Ensures safe, simple cost-effective O&M which maximizes uptime and reduces chemical consumption. Its compact design saves 10-30% space and weight; it can eliminate injector booster pumps, and with our optional MDA Torrnado™ technology, deaeration vacuum pumps can be eliminated.

The result is best in class performance.

sulphate removal packages
H2O Ocean Spectrum

Our patented H2Ocean Spectrum® control system offers the benefit of switching injection water quality over the life of the field to cater to varying EOR methods.

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