Produced water testing Monarch Mobile Lab

As our produced water subsidiary, Monarch Separators, visits various basins and refineries in the US to test our H2O Spectrum® Platform’s fast-acting, environmentally-friendly flocculant, our clients are experiencing this “wow” moment for themselves. Every project has a unique make up of produced and/or flowback water but don’t worry, we can help. Whether your project is a brownfield or greenfield with produced water, flowback water, or even a blend of challenging wastewater, let us speed up your water treatment process and keep your operations flowing! Contact us today at or info@monarchseparators.comClick water image below to see flocculant in action!

Monarch Separators’ fast-acting flocculant attacking refinery wastewater.

Monarch Separators’ mobile lab heading to the Permian Basin once again.
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