Social Responsibility

Water Standard’s focus on addressing water treatment challenges has brought on a larger commitment to social responsibility.

We strongly believe that international companies have a global responsibility that transcends business practice and are committed to supporting initiatives that impact global communities. Water Standard is proud to support local nonprofit organizations as well as those working in the water industry and addressing water shortages to make a difference:

World Vision Malaysia Berhad

World Vision Malaysia is a non-profit international organization that helps the poor to help themselves by working with them to build sustainable futures for their children, families and communities.World Vision Malaysia is carrying out Assessment and Design in Mukim Tulid, a sub-district of Keningau district in Sabah, in East Malaysia. One of the needs identified in the area is the need for clean water. They will be carrying out a program design process together with the communities in June this year. World Vision Malaysia also contributes to some local NGOs in Malaysia who implement projects in vulnerable communities. One of their partners, PACOS Trust, carries out water projects in rural areas in Sabah.  Given Water Standard’s presence in Malaysia, it is proud to sponsor these community-based water projects in Sabah.


SEARCH Homeless Services

SEARCH is a nonprofit that helps thousands of men, women and children each year move from the streets, into jobs and safe, stable housing. They meet clients where they are and gets them back on their feet through services that engage, stabilize, educate, employ and house. They break the cycle of homelessness by investing in the children. They believe that there’s nothing like real hope and good opportunities to help people transform their lives. Water Standard is a proud sponsor of this mission.


Living Water International

Living Water International is dedicated to providing clean drinking water to those in need. By implementing participatory, community-based water solutions in developing countries, Living Water has completed more than 9,000 water projects (and counting!) for communities in 26 countries. Water Standard is proud to join Living Water International, an official charity of the Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Half Marathon. Team Living Water was one of the most successful charity teams at the 2010 event, raising more than $60,000 for clean water.Living Water International