Water Standard is committed to managing health, safety and environmental (HSE) matters for each of our employees, on all of our projects, and as an integral part of our overall business.

Health & Safety

At Water Standard, our management’s obligation and objective is to conduct company operations and manage facilities in a manner that assures the health, safety, security and well-being of our team members, as well as all others involved with our operations. Our senior management will set the example for all to follow with respect to a visible commitment to the health and safety management systems of Water Standard. Safety is a core value at our company and we will hold team leaders and team members accountable for their Health and Safety adherence.

We firmly believe that incident-free operations are possible to achieve in our industry and our company goals reflect this belief. Our philosophy and approach toward every activity is the No Incident Policy (NIP). The NIP emphasizes that operational excellence be achieved by conducting activities within the framework of an effective Health and Safety Management System, with competently trained teams and a visible commitment to safety leadership.


Water Standard was built on the foundation of utilizing environmentally-focused designs, technologies and practices in the delivery of treated and desalinated water. This focus has led to development of the company’s intellectual property and designs that protect the ocean’s ecological balance and mitigate environmental impacts on marine life.

Our recent piloting has proven safety measures in our methodology as well as technological implementation.

Through the use of membrane technology, waste heat capture, high-efficiency energy recovery and environmentally sensitive power generating equipment, Water Standard reduces the CO2 footprint and minimizes air quality impacts typically associated with water-based EOR.

According to preliminary environmental impact assessment (PEIA) studies completed by CH2M HILL, Water Standard’s designs can provide significant advantages with regard to major environmental concerns such as source water intake, concentrate disposal, product water conveyance and overall project construction impacts.

Water Standard’s proprietary intake and discharge designs ensure compliance with the most stringent global discharge standards. Water Standard’s designs have been tested and modeled by Deltares of the Netherlands, who have carried out more than 60 studies in the last decade on intake and outfall systems for various types of plants all over the world.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Water standard is ISO9001 certified and maintains an aggressive internal quality management process in compliance with the Certification standards. Our objective is to maintain the highest standard in all engineering products and services, as well as execute projects with utmost quality and efficiency.

We utilize a consistent and value-added internal review processes and a Quality Management System (QMS) that supports the development, monitoring and the continuous improvement of all company processes and procedures. At Water Standard, quality and safety are not functional departments or activities, rather a management attitude fully embraced by all employees as a critical component to everything we do.

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Environmentally-Focused Designs and IP Portfolio

Water Standard’s outfall is designed to comply with the most stringent environmental regulations and achieves background salinity levels within a short distance of discharge.