Domestic Water Supply


Water security is an increasingly critical issue driven by climate change, water scarcity, population growth, and shifting global and regional dynamics. The inability to secure freshwater resources or respond in an emergency can fundamentally disrupt economic development, undermine growth and exacerbate conflict.

Domestic water supply is experiencing higher demands worldwide, and traditional land-based desalination plants are more likely to face constraints. Access to coastal land is emerging as a challenge in heavily populated areas.  Lack of power supply in developing coastal regions may also hinder the option for a traditional land-based plant.  Other constraints may include lack of financing capability for a capital-intensive option.

With the ability to provide short or long-term potable water solutions, Water Standard provides water on-demand as a strategic water supply source or as part of an overall plan for security and water independence.

Water Standard is committed to providing reliable and secure water solutions on-demand with the ability to deploy to multiple locations and the flexibility to meet varying needs, critical to ensuring an adequate supply of secure water where and when it is needed most.

Strategic and Contingency

The strategic importance of water security cannot be underestimated. It impacts every aspect of each country’s economy and their political, economic and social stability. Water Standard, with its ability to deliver water on-demand, can play a pivotal role in securing an adequate supply of water.

The mobility of Water Standard’s solutions means flexibility to locate where and when needed and re-deploy as required. Water Standard’s mobile solutions can travel along a coastline delivering water to existing water distribution grids or into onshore storage by anchoring at an optimum location for tie-in.

With the ability to swiftly move from stand-by contingency plan in case of desalination plant failures or staggered growth profiles,  Water Standard’s vessels eliminate siting issues, power constraints, and infrastructure requirements for emergency water programs.

Water Standard can participate in the creation of a strategic water reserve either as a component of a balanced municipal water supply portfolio or as a stand-by solution.

Emergency and Humanitarian

Water Standard can also provide a reliable and short-term water supply in emergency situations. With power independent floating facilities, Water Standard is NOT limited by onshore infrastructure, power or siting constraints. This secure approach offers a reliable and drought-proof water supply. Water Standard offers both long and short-term contracts to match term of need.

Water Standard can provide uniquely flexible and reliable solutions in the following scenarios:

  • Natural disasters including tsunamis, earthquakes and flooding, that disable local land-based water infrastructure
  • Droughts and extreme weather patterns which limit agriculture production and industrial growth
  • Manmade threats and terrorist attacks which contaminate local water supplies
  • Humanitarian and relief efforts to assist the international community