As mentioned in earlier news, Amanda Brock, CEO was honored as an Innovator at Houston Business Journal’s Women in Energy Leadership Event. See press release for full story.

Dec. 7, 2016 Water Standard, a global leader in water treatment solutions for the energy industry, is pleased to announce Amanda Brock, CEO, has been recognized as an “Innovator” in the Houston Business Journal’s Women in Energy Leadership Awards.

At an exclusive dinner held in Houston, Ms. Brock was recognized for her many professional affiliations and environmental efforts over her 25+ years in the industry. Her foresight and passion for water conservation within oil and gas drove her to help found Water Standard in 2008 and the company is now recognized as a pioneer in water treatment for the energy industry. Ms. Brock believes strongly that, “We have to give back and make the environment a better place for the people we’re leaving it to.”

Viewed as an industry strategist, Ms. Brock is regularly requested to speak and participate at global events, keeping the topic of water scarcity and reuse at the forefront. She sits on several Advisory Boards and counsels Private Equity Investors, identifying global investment opportunities in the water and energy sectors. She is also a regular columnist writing on the Water Energy Nexus, for Global Water Intelligence published in Oxford, the United Kingdom.

Ms. Brock contributes her success to the team that supports and drives her. She is proud that Water Standard is successfully navigating the industry downturn as the company continues to deliver effective water treatment solutions for today’s challenges. As part of Water Standard’s strategy, Ms. Brock proactively initiated the recent acquisition of Houston-based Monarch Separators to better respond to the industry’s need to recycle and reuse produced water.

Ms. Brock serves as an inspiration and role model to those around her. She admits, “There is no Superwoman. Things can get messy but at the end of the day, it’s going to be ok.”

Amanda Brock, founder and CEO of Water Standard is to be honored at Houston Business Journal’s second annual Women in Energy Leadership Awards event to celebrate the top women of Houston’s energy companies on Thursday, November 10, 2016 at the Houstonian Hotel. The honorees were judged on their career achievement in energy, contribution to company success, community involvement and leadership. They are considered Women of Influence, Women to Watch and Innovators in the industry. The event was designed to honor the top women in executive positions at energy companies of all sizes. Learn more about the Awards Dinner HERE.

As reported in the Water Desalination Report – 11 July 2016

Houston-based Water Standard has successfully executed a contract for an Ultrapure Water Package for a major international oil company. The package will be installed on a 175,000 barrel-per-day floating production system located in deepwater, Gulf of Mexico. The package – which consists of an RO system, Water Standard’s proprietary MDA (membrane deaeration) system and a continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) unit – will provide high purity water for the platform’s boiler feedwater system.
The compact, skid mounted package was manufactured and tested in Water Standard’s Houston fabrication facility, and according to Mark Legg, the company’s Senior Commercial Vice President, is the first of its kind on an offshore platform.
“Not only was the entire system designed to meet Class 1, Division, 2 specifications for operation in hazardous environment, it must produce water with a specific conductivity of less than 0.10 µS/cm and the MDA’s membrane contactors must continuously remove dissolved oxygen to less than 10 ppb without chemical oxygen scavengers,” said Legg.

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Holly Churman, Technology Manager at Water Standard, will present “Evaluating economic tradeoffs in produced water treatment for CEOR flood development” on Wednesday, Jan 27 at 8:10 am at PWS in Houston. As co-author of this presentation, Holly will expand on the abstract below:

One of the most challenging aspects of Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (CEOR) is the evaluation of economic trade-offs during the design phase of a project. Often, the most impactful and difficult of these decisions involves modification of the composition of the injection water, as it is uncommon for operators to have suitable water available for CEOR floods without prior treatment. This is particularly important when the injection water source under evaluation is produced water. The extent to which water must be treated to achieve CEOR program objectives must then be determined. A screening workflow has been developed to quantify water treatment strategies on a Net Present Value (NPV) basis to aid water treatment decision making.

One example of a water treatment decision is whether to use hard, high-salinity produced water in a surfactant-polymer (SP) flood, or to soften the water and add alkali in an alkali-surfactant polymer (ASP) flood. Is the cost of softening the water worth the advantages of adding the alkali? Or is there a cost benefit to desalinating and softening the produced water for polymer flooding? We attempt to answer these questions by developing economic case studies for a set of reservoir properties and water compositions.

A unified screening tool merging mechanistic reservoir simulation and modeling of produced water treatment strategies allows users to compare various options on the basis of NPV. Reservoir simulations were completed using parameters derived from laboratory and field-scale measurements to properly capture the impacts of selected produced water softening and desalination methods on the performance of the CEOR floods. Test cases evaluating the use of produced water to drive an ASP pilot in a heterogeneous carbonate were conducted, followed by investigation into other reservoir conditions. This new tool and workflow has proven advantageous to enable users to navigate the difficult decision matrix of produced water driven CEOR flood development.

Robert Fortenberry, Reservoir Engineer, Ultimate EOR Services
Holly Churman, Technology Manager, Water Standard
Lisa Henthorne, SVP and CTO, Water Standard
Modjeh Delshad, President, Ultimate EOR Services

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Amanda Brock, CEO of Water Standard, contributed insight to the discussions of the water energy nexus at the Border Energy Forum (BEF) in San Diego, CA, Oct 14-16, 2015. This unique forum brings together elected officials, top-level executives and energy innovators to facilitate cross-border business.

In an era of increasing water scarcity, the energy industry’s focus must shift to cost, access to supply, reuse, and disposal. As economic growth and water are inextricably linked, it’s crucial to better understand and define the industry’s local impact.

Ms. Brock moderated a panel as a featured expert and joined Texas Land Commissioner, George P. Bush, Mexican Secretary of Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, Canadian Ambassador to the US, Gary Doer, and many others to work together to increase regional development of clean energy projects, promote cross-border energy trade, and advance technologies and innovative solutions for sustainable resource management.

Ms. Brock also interviewed George P. Bush to dig deeper into energy issues. Click the image below to see the full interview.

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Lisa Henthorne, Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer of Water Standard and member of International Desalination Association, is featured on NBC News’ 30 Seconds to Know segment. She educates the public on how desalination works. See Lisa HERE.


Water and Wastewater International talks with Water Standard CTO Lisa Henthorne at Singapore International Water Week 2010 on innovation, the environment, the future of desalination, and upcoming industry events