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The practice of using low-salinity water for secondary oil recovery, or water flood, has become more widespread in the past two years, explained Amanda Brock CEO of WATER STANDARD. ...Read More

For application in the mining industry, WATER STANDARD’s Seawater Desalination Vessels (SDVs) present a novel approach to provide a flexible and reliable water supply. The SDV is the first of its kind to integrate a power plant and water treatment facility in a vessel, providing a fully integrated desalination plant on a mobile platform.Such a reliable water supply from an SDV also assists in the development of efficient and sustainable water management policies. ...Read More

WATER STANDARD's seawater desalination vessel can produce a large quantity of freshwater from seawater to supplement municipal and industrial water requirements at coastal locations throughout the world. The vessel must be able to operate under a large range of conditions whilst meeting the most stringent environmental regulations. ...Read More

Houston-based Water Standard has signed an agreement with a major international oil company to evaluate the technical feasibility for the provision of vessel-based water services in the Gulf of Mexico. ...Read More

Water and Wastewater International talks with Water Standard CTO Lisa Henthorne at Singapore International Water Week 2010 on innovation, the environment, the future of desalination, and upcoming industry events

MENA Infrastructure Magazine asks WATER STANDARD's Lisa Henthorne about vessel-based alternatives and her thoughts on the infrastructure investments in the Middle East. ...Read More

WATER STANDARD, with its ability to deliver water on demand, when and where it is needed, discusses the pivotal role it can play in securing an adequate supply of water. ...Read More

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With desalination continuing to grow around the world, the International Desalination Association (IDA) produced “Desalination for a Better World”, a video featuring Water Standard’s Chief Technology Officer and Past IDA President, Lisa Henthorne.